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About Us


What We Do

Looking for quality Warranty Claims Processing for your Canadian Ford/Lincoln dealership?  You have found it!


How We Do It

  • We work for you remotely. There is never any fear of losing your documents as they never leave the dealership.
  • Using leading edge technology and process accountability, our team provides our customers quality service and superior value. 
  • Our employees offer over 100 years combined dealership experience with most specializing in warranty claiming.  
  • We are continually in contact with the manufacturer and can adapt to changes in policies and procedures overnight.   
  • We are good at what we do because it’s all we do.


The Benefit$

  • Costs related to warranty claims administration is fixed to actual warranty sales. As the declining warranty trend continues costs will decrease also. 
  • Staffing issues related to hiring, training, supervision, vacation and sick days is eliminated for the warranty administration position in your dealership.
  • Additional payroll costs including CPP, EI,Workers Compensation and other benefits afforded to your employees is eliminated.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your warranty claims are being processed by highly skilled warranty administrators’ current with the latest claiming procedures.
  • Integracheck uses a non-intrusive notification system that does not disrupt dealership business when more information is required or if deficiencies are identified.
  • The flexible notification system allows for dealership involvement at a time convenient to them.

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